Bradley Parke

Bradley Parke

Bradley Parke
Bradley Parke

Undergrad Location & Graduation Year
University of Georgia, 2013

Year Graduated from Medical Partnership

Residency Location & Specialty
Oregon Health and Science University (Portland, OR), Internal Medicine

Current Practice Location
Pine Ridge Indian Health Service Hospital

Current bio. What are you up to?
I am currently in the University of Washington’s Rural and Global Health Fellowship where I am working with the Indian Health Service (IHS) of the Great Plains/Pine Ridge Reservation, specifically focusing on substance use treatment/education and other quality improvement projects. I am also excited to be working with medical students through the University of South Dakota to encourage rural practice and improved understanding of the challenges of frontier medicine for vulnerable patient populations. I will likely continue to work with IHS with additional interested in advocacy and student/resident education around rural health.

Words of Wisdom
The field of medicine is more diverse and varied than one might initially think. As a physician, you can tailor a field or interest beyond your residency and fellowship. Take time and reflect on what rejuvenates you in patient care, what are you passionate about, and what would you like to change/pioneer within the field – then pursue that, and if there is not an already defined career path, forge a new one yourself.

The partnership offers such a hands-on and interactive education, I still feel so fortunate to have learned from such caring and dedicated scientists and physicians, with a close class of amazing friends. Never be afraid to ask questions and learn not only from the staff, but your fellow classmates.

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