Eve Gallman, PhD

Eve Gallman, PhD

Eve Gallman, PhD

Associate Professor of Neuroscience

156 Russell Hall 1425 Prince Avenue Athens, GA 30602



PhD, Physiology, UNC Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1990

MS, Biomedical Mathematics & Engineering, UNC Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1985

BS, Zoology, UNC Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1976

Honors / Awards / Achievements

I have been a member of the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE) for 15 years.  I currently serve on the IAMSE Membership Committee and was elected to the Nominating Committee for 2019.

I am a member of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) and currently serve on the AAN Neuroscience Course Director Workgroup.

I serve on the Curriculum Editorial Board of Aquifer (formerly MedU) and was the MedU Neuroscience Team lead prior to that.

Selected Publications

Gallman EA (2019) Flipping with ‘Jeopardy’:  Problem-solving from recall to analysis International Association of Medical Science Educators Roanoke, VA.

Medlock AE, Gallman EA, Russell M, Gaddy VT (2018) Pathways for the Integration of Basic Science Content in Phase 1 Medical Education International Association of Medical Science Educators Burlington, VT

Gallman, E., Gaddy, V.T., Russell, M., Gaines, J.K.. (2017) Nature or Nurture:  What Factors Influence the Selection of Learning Resources by First Year Medical Students? International Association of Medical Science Educators Burlington, VT

Blake, L., Gaines, J.K., Wood, E., Gaddy, V.T. Russell, M., Gallman, E., Balance. D. (2017) Effect of Librarian Involvement on Use of Evidence-Based Resources in Small Group Case-Based Learning. Medical Library Association Annual Meeting and Exhibition (Seattle, Washington, May 26–31, 2017)

Gaddy, V.T., Gallman, E., Russell, M. (2016) Developing Life-long Learning Skills: An Audit of Student-selected Learning Resources in a Small Group Setting as a Measure of Student Research Ability International Association of Medical Science Educators Leiden, Netherlands

Russell, M., Rossi, A., Medlock, A., Gaddy, V.T., Gallman, E., Braun, K. (2016)Development, implementation, and assessment of a focused intervention for critical analytical thinking (FICAT) workshop for first- and second-year medical students Southern Group on Educational Affairs

Gallman, E.  (2015) Pre-view and Re-view: Will they aid comprehension and retention? International Association of Medical Science Educators San Diego, CA

Extended authorship, including Gallman, E. (2015) Unpacking your brain: collaborative identification of core basic science concepts important in clinical decision-making International Association of Medical Science Educators Univ of California SOM, San Diego, CA

Alagoz-Ekici, C., Richardson, W.S., Gaddy, V.T., Crites, G., Doster, L., Gallman, E.A., Szymik, B (2015) Longitudinal Confirmatory Factor Analysis for the SGL Student Evaluation Form National Council on Measurement in Education Annual Meeting

Educational Activities

I am interested in tools, technologies, and approaches to increase medical students ability to comprehend and retain Foundational Sciences and to apply this knowledge in clinical situations.  In addition, I am interested in assessments as a tool to promote student learning and to evaluate curricular revision.

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