Amanda Yao

Amanda Yao

Amanda Yao
Amanda Yao

Year at Medical Partnership

Johns Creek, GA

Undergrad Location & Graduation Year
Emory University 2012

Undergrad Degree
Bachelors in Business Administration

Any gap years? If so, what did you do?
Almost a decade! I had a career in finance in NYC prior to medicine.

Specialties of Interest
Hematology Oncology

Bio: tell us about yourself
My path to medicine had many detours, but I’m very pleased to be a M3 today. I graduated from Emory undergrad with a diploma in one hand and ticket to NYC in another. I couldn’t be more excited, but after just a few short years, my heart wondered back to medicine. I finished my sciences classes, crossed my fingers and applied to medical school. Along the way, I had my first son just a month after taking the MCATs! Then I had my second son in the spring of M1 year. I’m extremely thankful for the support I received from my classmates and the AU/UGA Medical Partnership throughout this process. I’ve learned a great deal about medicine and motherhood during the past few years that I would love to share with you!

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